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Optimise your IT equipment with a Workspace as-a-Service solution

Digitalisation makes demands on smarter and more efficient ways to provide employees with the necessary IT equipment. Workspace as-a-Service (WaaS) is a general solution customised to your business’s needs.

What is WaaS?

WaaS is a complete end-to-end solution created through collaboration between IT Relation and Lenovo, which performs the task of equipping companies with the necessary devices and other IT equipment. The solution is designed to simplify the management of your business’s IT equipment. You simply pay a monthly fee, and then we will take care of everything else.

In short: WaaS streamlines your employees' work space, so it includes all the necessary equipment such as PC, phone, tablet and software in a total service. IT Relation is in charge of procurement, installation, support and maintenance. So you can concentrate on working instead.

Why WaaS?

  • check Minimum hassle for your business
  • check Optimum working conditions for your employees

Avoid the hassle – and reduce the total costs

The costs of purchasing PCs, tablets, phones and software for your employees, as well as the ongoing work with setting-up, maintenance and logistics can quickly end up becoming both expensive and time consuming. WaaS  – Workspace as-a-Service is an attempt at creating a service that saves you all the hassle and at the same time reduces your total expenditure.

Think of it like this: With WaaS you avoid buying your own equipment  – instead, you can rent it. This provides your business with a number of tangible benefits:

You reduce your costs and the internal time consumed by avoiding the responsibility for managing your PCs and your IT equipment.

Avoid unpleasant surprises  – with WaaS you know your total expenditure.

Improved IT delivery creates better conditions for efficient employees.

How WaaS works
– Workspace as-a-Service

All you have to do is to choose between our predefined packages  – then IT Relation does the rest:

We handle the purchase and let our processing centre handle the configuration before we deliver the solution to you and help you with installation. We will not leave you until everything is working. It can’t get any easier.

Optimise your IT solutions with WaaS and get happy employees

WaaS is not just intended to be a solution to improve efficiency and result in savings in your IT budget. The purpose of WaaS is primarily to create better working conditions for your employees.

Here are three benefits to your employees using Workspace as-a-Service:

Complete support of your products throughout their lifetime - from purchase to replacement.

Avoid the handling, maintenance and setup of your PCs and IT equipment.

Begræns arbejdsmængden i din IT-afdeling.

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