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EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management

Boost efficiency without compromising safety.

Mobility today is not just about MDM (Mobile Device Management). It is about giving users access to work any time and anywhere. It is about giving users access to your intranet, SharePoint site or network drive. But in a safe and controlled manner.

Today, as a company, you must be able to:

  • Handle the variety of mobile devices available on the market

  • Handle different mobile operating systems, for example iOS, Android and Windows Phone

  • Comply with internal security policies

  • Comply with legal requirements

  • Safeguard company data

But you must also:

  • Ensure that your users can access data and work any time, anywhere

  • Streamline your users

We are ready with an EMM solution that can help your company gain control of your mobile devices, and simultaneously ensure that your users have access to their data, wherever and whenever.

EMM includes among other things:

MDM - Mobile Device Management
With MDM, you can manage your devices over-the-air in terms of deploying applications, data and configurations - with tight integration with your existing IT infrastructure.
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MAM - Mobile Application Management
With MAM, you can provision and control access to proprietary and commercially available apps, both on BYOD-, CYOD-, COBE- and COPE devices.

MCM - Mobile Content Management
With MCM, you can offer your users secure access to corporate data, whether it is network drives, intranet, SharePoint sites or Cloud Drive, wherever and whenever.

IAM - Identity and Access Management
With IAM, you can support single sign-on (SSO) authentication, making it easy for your users to log in once and then access data and apps without having to enter additional credentials. 

With an EMM solution you can handle the following device-scenarios:

COPE - Corporate Owned Personally Enabled
With COPE you can offer your users a device for commercial use, which is paid by the company. It can also be used for private use without compromising with safety.

COBE - Corporate Owned Business Only
With COBE, you can offer your users a device for commercial use only, which is selected and paid for by the company.

CYOD - Choose Your Own Device
With CYOD, you can offer your users a choice from a range of company-specific approved devices, which may be owned by the user, or where the user pays a share of the cost.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
With BYOD, you offer your users the use of their own private, personal device within the company, with the ability to access data and applications without compromising security.

Before you decide on one or more scenarios, we recommend starting with a workshop where we can identify the right strategy and scenarios for your company.

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