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Danske Commodities find attractive SharePoint skills at IT Relation

The international energy trading company Danske Commodities has grown from 14 to 350 employees in five years and it is still making significant progress. The company's IT needs are constantly changing, and even with well-qualified staff it can be hard to keep up. As a regular assistance in relation to their SharePoint solutions, they have IT Relation to hand both as regards ongoing development and various ad hoc tasks.

”In the hitherto ‘uncultivated’ market in which we move, there are no real standard solutions to cover our needs,” says Deepan Sinnathamby, IT Project Manager at Danske Commodities. ”For the same reason, we develop many solutions from scratch, based on SharePoint among others. However, because our business evolves so quickly, we cannot employ SharePoint developers quickly enough – and certainly not at the level in which we need them. This is the reason why we get help from IT Relation.”

Partly one must know the SharePoint platform really well, and partly you need to have a good grip of .NET. At IT Relation, they are competent in both areas, and this makes them quite special.

— Deepan Sinnathamby, IT Project Manager at Danske Commodities

Exceptional SharePoint skills

”IT Relation have skills that we have not been able to find elsewhere,” continues Deepan Sinnathamby. “One must be exceptionally skilled to develop components for our needs in SharePoint, as you need to know the SharePoint platform really well, and you need to have a good grip of .NET. At IT Relation, they are competent in both areas, and this makes them quite special."

Customised solutions

At Danske Commodities, IT Relation especially takes part in developing solutions of a certain weight. Among other things, it is about a centralised solution for document management and workflow, so that the work processes become simpler, and so that all the employees can easily find the information they need. ”It is important for us that it is not the solution that controls how we should work, but our work controls what the solution should be able to do,” says Deepan Sinnathamby, and he continues, ”IT Relation helps us developing solutions that exactly match our needs.”

Self-propelled and proactive consultants

IT Relation has two consultants based at Danske Commodities, and in addition they contribute additional manpower during busy periods. “IT Relation has people located at our company, which ensures that they know our business very well and can fit into our culture," says Deepan Sinnathamby. "They are completely self-propelled and are out talking to people in the business instead of waiting until I have time to answer some questions or telling them what to do. It is extremely important for a company like ours, where everything happens so fast."

Multitasking and flexibility

"In addition, IT Relation’s consultants are good at multitasking. Quite frequently some acute needs occur along the way, and they solve these issues concurrently with their other tasks. In other periods, we are perhaps not so busy, and if we know that there will not be enough tasks to fill a whole week, the co-operation is so flexible that the employees only work at our company some of the days. Besides, it is important for us that external consultants can be agile and understand the agile method on which all of our IT development is based. IT Relation is able to do this, and we have great confidence in their way of working," states Deepan Sinnathamby.

Danske Commodities was founded in 2004 and trades today in electricity, gas and climate products across national borders in more than 30 European countries. The company has grown from 14 to 350 employees over the past five years and it is still making significant progress. Over the last calendar year alone, 140 new employees have joined, and in 2012, the company had a turnover of 9,4 billion DKK. Danske Commodities' office is located in Aarhus.

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