Service Desk 24/7 could be invaluable to your business

Is the need for IT support in your business varying – from day to day and over a longer time? Outsource your company's IT support to our Service Desk and you will get a scalable solution in which you can always increase or decrease the level.

As part of the agreement, we continuously develop processes for development and improvement. This ensures that your solution always matches your business support needs.

Dedicated IT supporters who always answer

Do the IT support at your company also have other tasks on their to-do list? With us, you and your employees have access to a dedicated support team that is present 24/7 to solve your IT problems. We always answer the phone the first time. And you get the IT support that solves the kind of IT challenges you have. This ensures efficient problem solving.

Get access to IT Support

Service Desk here and now - 24 hours a day

Is it often the case that your employees cannot work due to IT problems? Maybe your IT support is too busy to solve the problems? Perhaps there is no support at work? If you let our Service Desk take care of your IT support, we will solve your IT problems immediately – even if it is 11 pm and your Purchasing Manager is in a hotel in Singapore. Our business model is a Service Desk 24/7. Every day. All year round.

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There is more value for you when you outsource your IT support

Minimise your IT problems

Do you have a general knowledge of what your employees' daily IT problems cost? When you enter into a Service Desk contract with us, we register and categorise all of your IT problems. Against this background, we prepare a monthly report that tells you exactly where to find the problems. Together we can use this knowledge to optimise your IT infrastructure.

Follow your cases every day

Are you worried about lacking a broad view of things when you outsource your IT support? With us, you and your IT manager can login to our customer portal. Here you can follow our actions, view live data, check your open and closed cases, find contact information and collect monthly and quarterly statistics. It always gives you the opportunity to keep track of all the IT challenges in your company.

Get a Service Desk solution that suits your level

Complete Service Desk 24/7

Leave the entire IT support to us and find a solution to all your IT challenges. Quickly and cost effectively.

First Level Service Desk 24/7

Let us function as an IT support filter for your company's own IT department. Easy and time-saving.

Special Unit Service Desk 24/7

Get IT support for defined units such as online shops, point of sale terminals or applications. Here and now.

We take care of your IT problems - 24 hours a day

Experienced IT supporters

For more than 25 years we have solved IT problems for more than 50,000 users. We use this experience to solve your next IT challenge.

We speak a language you understand

You do not need an IT dictionary when you want to talk to us. We talk about IT at eye level. No gibberish or incomprehensible code language.

Always access to IT support

Call, write or text our IT support. 24 hours a day. Every day. All year round. Our response to your IT challenges is “no problem”.

Let us solve your IT problems

We are numerous



We have the manpower to solve all of your IT issues - yet small enough to solve them faster than our competitors.



We are close to you as well as your business - no matter the location. Give us a call and we will drop by.


One big happy family – part of itm8

We are able to solve most IT issues ourselves. However, from time to time we also spar with our specialized sister companies in itm8. This is your guarantee for a continuous journey moving your business forward.

Part of the good company

You do not get certifications automatically. You have to qualify for them. Year after year. This is why we work hard every day. So that you are guaranteed solutions that always meet strict quality and safety requirements.

“If questions arise or the IT system is tricky, our 85 users call, email or text our Service Desk 24/7.”

Thomas Slott, Head of Department at Aarstiderne

Frequently asked questions

Our IT environment is special – how can you help our users?

It is not just an extended FAQ service. We carefully plan the implementation before we start operating the support for your users. We visit your company on-site, uncover the application layer, negotiate third-party interfaces and provide detailed solution procedures to ensure that we can (sincerely) help when users encounter errors and problems.

Can we get an ad-hoc Service Desk, for example during holiday periods, and pay as per account rendered?

We always customise the agreement to suit you in the best way. Most often, we can make a good business case visible with 24/7 Service Desk. Our concept is based on a flat-rate agreement, ensuring your users quick and unlimited access to the Service Desk. In our experience, this results in happier and more productive employees.

Can you take on our employees if we outsource our IT support to your Service Desk?

We have good experience with the transfer of employees in relation to strategic outsourcing. And we would always like to offer a secure process to the employees in question. We are aware of the fact that they often have valuable knowledge of the business processes and systems. It is typically a good starting point for future cooperation.

Are you thinking of outsourcing your IT support?

Let us talk about how we can solve your IT challenges, 24/7. All year round.

René Søgaard

Client Relations Manager

+45 4013 1624

René Søgaard