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One-point-of-contact provides security and stability

Hillerød Forsyning is an independent public limited company with approximately 100 employees. The company handles a number of supply areas such as waste, water, sewage and heating.

Previously Hillerød Forsyning had two IT vendors  – one delivered hosting services and IT Relation played the role of Service Desk. The situation with the suppliers faced a growing number of challenges with regard to coordination, and the hosting supplier was very slow at responding to problems. As Hillerød Forsyning had been satisfied with IT Relation’s service from a purely historical point of view, IT Relation was chosen to manage the outsourcing of all IT.

According to the Customer and Facility Manager Peter Maltha, the new solution has several advantages: "We are pleased about the solution with IT Relation, because we only have one supplier, i.e we have one point of contact. We are a well-known customer at IT Relation. When we have problems, they are given prompt attention."
In general, Peter Maltha emphasises the fact that it is of great value in the daily workload that no time is wasted waiting for help, and that IT problems do not slow down the efficiency in the company.

Based on the size and structure of Hillerød Forsyning it would be really difficult to build up a professional IT department

— Carsten Hansen, Administration and Finance Manager at Hillerød Forsyning

The administration and finance manager Carsten Hansen points out that one of the primary advantages of outsourcing to IT Relation is that you gain access to a much larger knowledge base and network that employees can draw on and consult at any time. "Based on the size and structure of Hillerød Forsyning, it would be really difficult to build up a professional IT department". In this way, we have a professional hot line and support that is always available, and we are not dependent on having our own employees at work  – and in doing so we economise on internal costs".

In conclusion, Peter Maltha highlights the close and personal contact with IT Relation’s employees as a factor he is particularly pleased with in connection with the cooperation: "I have a very good relationship with the people who are my points-of-contact at IT Relation  – and here too we are shown the focus and interest, which are important when you are a customer."

Hillerød Forsyning is an independent public company that is owned by Hillerød Municipality. The company employs 100 staff members who handle a number of supply areas such as waste, water, sewage and heating. Hillerød Forsyning has a turnover of about half a billion per year. The company invests about one and a half million per day  – including weekends  – in large construction projects, burial of district heating pipes and the renovation of water net.

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