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Online booking portal creates satisfied customers at Nordea Liv & Pension

Nordea Liv & Pension offers life insurances and pension plans for employees in large and small companies. Through a customised booking portal from IT Relation, it is easy for Nordea Liv & Pension’s customers to book meetings with a consultant themselves when it fits in with the plans of both the employees and the consultants.

"Formerly we had employees who had only focus on calling our customers in order to book meetings with their employees," says Morten Jensen, Sales Director at Nordea Liv & Pension. "Sometimes they had to call several times to make an appointment with the employees, and often they also had to spend time re-booking the appointments if the employee was detained. We wanted to optimise these processes so that we could be more cost-effective and competitive."

t has been a really great project and IT Relation has been very professional.

— Morten Jensen, sales director at Nordea Liv & Pension

The best among multiple solutions

Nordea Liv & Pension looked at a number of different options, but ended up choosing an online booking portal from IT Relation. Morten Jensen clarifies: "A booking portal is easy to use, because many of our customers know about the procedure, e.g. from booking an appointment with their hairdresser. We considered developing the portal ourselves, but our calculations showed that IT Relation was very competitive. Since they also had experience of this line of business through other pension companies who also use the portal, it was obvious for us to choose them for the task."

Online booking and re-booking

Nordea Liv & Pension’s customers have been given the opportunity to book their own meetings by using the booking portal. The appointments will appear immediately afterwards in both the employee’s and the consultant's calendars. If the employee is detained, it is as easy as anything to re-book the appointment via the portal.

Improved opportunities for preparation

"When our consultants return from the meetings at the present time, they report back that the customers are very satisfied with the solution," says Morten Jensen. "That is all the more so because the consultants have been given the opportunities to prepare themselves for the meetings even more than before. One of the reasons being that the employee attending the arranged meeting can complete a comment field with specific requests for what the meeting should be about."

Simpler everyday lives for the consultants

"At the same time as it gives our customers an improved meeting experience, the booking portal also makes everyday life easier and more efficient for our consultants," continues Morten Jensen. "Whenever possible the portal arranges for combining each meeting with one customer, so that the consultant does not have to visit the same customer more than strictly necessary. This frees up time to provide even better consultancy to our customers. In addition, at the present time we can assign substantially better assignments to the many employees who used to book the meetings."

Get started in three months

Nordea Liv & Pension got started with the booking portal in just three months, and have been pleased with the progress and co-operation with IT Relation. "It has been a really good project and IT Relation has been very professional," says Morten Jensen. "They assisted us in adjusting the solution to our company, screen image by screen image, and we have had a very constructive dialogue. They also made sure that we came across the finishing line on time and without scruple we could give one of our largest customers access to the new portal as the very first external users."

Completely satisfied

"Our booking portal has now been in service for 10 months," says Morten Jensen in conclusion. "The objective was that the investment should pay for itself in 1-1½ years, and we are sure to reach that objective in just under a year. As our booking portal is completely up and running now, it is up to us to decide how fast it should move forward, and we are completely satisfied. Now it is up to us to reap the many benefits!"

Nordea Liv & Pension is one of Denmark's largest pension companies. The vision is to be Denmark's most successful pension company, recognised for its employees who create value for customers and owners. Nordea Liv & Pension is a party to Nordea – the largest finance group in Scandinavia. "Make it possible" is the code word for all the activities in Nordea.

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