Reinforce your results by making a stronger Relation between IT and business

Lise Kvistgaard Bloch

HR Business Partner, IT Relation

Lasse Staunstrup Lassen

Sales Manager, IT Relation

Closer to Customers

We believe that strong relationships yield stronger results – and we've always said so. Now we're telling the world. ‘Closer to Customers' is our promise to you – and it is our own guiding principle.

Today, success is not simply a matter of choosing the right software: it's also about linking IT and digitisation into your business goals. This is only possible if parties know and are able to rely on each other. Good relationships mean the world to us. Perhaps you feel the same?

The meaning of Closer to Customers

Get help with the things that matter most

With over 750 specialists, our skills and competencies are truly diverse. We can help on a number of fronts, such as IT outsourcing and cloud services.

Every company is different, but IT Relation always starts with the same primary consideration: the business. What challenges do you face? What are your objectives, your ambitions? Once these have been delineated, we can talk about the best way to release the potential for growth in your business.

Let's talk about your options

Many companies devise IT solutions: so why choose us? According to our satisfied customers, they choose us because we really want your business to thrive. Because we are serious enough to consider things thoroughly – and, moreover, have the ability to accelerate when you need a fast response. Customers choose us because in a changing world, our focus is on long-lasting relationships. What’s your focus?

Four of the services companies value most

Heightened security in IT matters

Our Baseline Security is an IT security solution that assures the fundamental security of IT in the company. It encompasses a series of crucial security services that ensure that your company is protected to the level specified in international recommendations.

Learn more about Baseline Security

A resource that’s always at your disposal

With us, you and your colleagues will have access to a dedicated support team who can be contacted 24/7. We always answer the phone and resolve any IT problems, allowing you to proceed with your work.

Learn how the Service Desk can help your business

Do you know where you are vulnerable to hackers?

Do you know how well your company is protected against cyber threats? Find out by means of an analysis of your security, based on an updated version of the acclaimed CIS framework tool.

Find out more about our analysis of IT security

Create an agile business with scalable platforms

Your IT set-up is there to support the business: not the reverse! This is why ambitious companies choose a flexible cloud hosting solution, which is scalable to the needs of the business.

Learn how you can use cloud hosting to support your business

What could be better than a long-lasting relationship?

We are many in number



We are large enough to be able to deal with the tasks you set us – and small enough to work faster than the people you used last time.



We are close to you and your business – no matter where you live. Just give us a call and we will drop by.


A big family – part of itm8

We deal with most things ourselves. At times however, we have the option of consulting our specialist sister companies within itm8. This means you can rest assured that we will always be able to come to your aid.

Over 750 specialists within IT Relation stand firm when it comes to understanding you and your business. After all, this is the only way to develop digital solutions that create value in the long term – and to deliver in a timely way when the pressure is on.

We make digital solutions for public services in Denmark

Every day, we use digitisation to help public institutions improve life for their employees and for citizens generally. We are proud of this fact.

We have extensive experience of public projects. You will have a partner who is familiar with the rules of play and whose promised solutions will slot into the agreed framework.

Speaking of frameworks; we are part of the latest SKI framework agreement, 02.22 concerning IT operations (SKI is the Danish state and municipal procurement agency). With us, your procurement process will be easier and more efficient.

News and latest knowledge

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Download the free scanning tool identifying Log4Shell vulnerabilities

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IT Relation has been praised as an elite supplier to public institutions

In 2020, we were the second-largest supplier to public institutions of all Danish companies in our sector.
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Be part of IT Relation

We pledge ourselves to creating strong relationships. This applies to our customers, and in equal measure to our colleagues: Would you like to be part of our strong team? We are always looking for friendly and skilled colleagues.

Continue your career with us

Do you also believe in strong Relations?

Lise Kvistgaard Bloch

HR Business Partner, IT Relation

Lasse Staunstrup Lassen

Sales Manager, IT Relation