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Go further on the journey with a Cloud Readiness Analysis

Do you want to be equipped even better to take the next step on the Cloud journey? We recommend to have a Cloud Readiness Analysis produced.

Cloud Readiness Analysis consists of:

  • check A review of your company's current utilization of cloud computing
  • check A summary of potential gains by moving
  • check A recommendation for the next step on the journey and a summary of goals and subsidiary goals

Make your decisions on behalf of knowledge - not on gut feelings

With our Cloud Readiness Analysis, you can, as a decision maker, take your next step on the journey out on the cloud on a well-informed foundation.

Throughout the analysis, you will receive an answer to, how your company's journey from your current IT environment out in a cloud computing platform can be formed. And you will receive a recommendation for a timetable of the journey, which is based on your company's current businesslike needs. The analysis is made on the basis of thorough interviews with the IT responsible in your company and analyzed directly on your company's IT systems.

How much does a Cloud Readiness Analysis cost?

The price for having an analysis produced depends on the size of the IT environment in your company and the number of servers or VM's. It can quickly become a good business to make the right decision.

Give the management an overview of the cloud situation

On the basis of the analysis, you will receive a report with a recommended timetable for the journey out on the cloud. The report consists of a management summary, which provides an oveview of the company's possible gains and an assessment of, how ready your company is for the journey. And last but not least, we will bring a recommendation of the steps you can take to fulfill the gains with cloud computing in a controlled relocation.

Are you ready to hear more about the analysis?

Let us have a word about, how you can have an advantage of Cloud Readiness Analysis. Get a good foundation as a decision maker, so that you can take the first safe steps.

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